Friday, July 18, 2008


Son went to see Wall-E today. Complete waste of time ...

All starts off very nice in a research lab, but soon Microsoft come in and buy him, henceforth known as Wall-XE to support their “A robot in every home” initiative (IBM missed out pronouncing that there will be “only need for one robot in the world”). Then a bunch of other folks create an Open Source version (Wall-FREE) but no-one is around to support it and there ends up 800 versions of it. Google released their own “Wall-G beta” funding it through its new advertising platform Robo-Words (which no-one ever reads of course and so goes down the pan… but despite being perpetually in beta it DOES read your Gmail and integrate with every appliance in your kitchen). It finishes by being released on Bit Torrent and now you just download and install the software to have your own.

Sorry for spoiling it for everyone.

* Please note i haven't seen it - my son is watching it right now... and it looks , really good!