Monday, February 26, 2007

Open ID

I've just created a new Open ID account over at Verisign. I intend to add Open ID to the stuff i am working on over at Puzil and have been following it for some time.

My identity is

What frustrates my a little about all this is that way back in 1998 i spoke with Scottish Enterprise about doing this - at the time they were in bed with Novell who were working on a "Digital Me" product and so i never got anywhere. I also wanted to make it open, secure and trusted - unfortunately they couldn't see how you could make money from it. To me it is obvious that identity is the source of almost everything that is going to happen online in the very near future.

I do have the domain and my main intention is possibly to build it into Puzil. I'd love to be able to just give it away, but being a lowly developer creating a product it's just not that easy. It is something i know can be useful to me, especially as although most of the companies involved in creating openID will not benefit (financially) from it directly, they will do very well in their individual spin-off companies... which is all i am trying to do.

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