Sunday, October 21, 2007

AI Web Services

I asked Peter Norvig to point me towards sites that demonstrate real world applications of AI - mainly in the software world. As he wrote the book (literally in this case) and now works as Director of Research at a company called Google, i figured he'd be a good start.

He pointed me at a great resource here which has a list of projects as well as some here in Scotland.

I am interested in more however. Although i have a background in Applied Physics and software development, i do not have a very deep knowledge of algorithms and AI - however my experience over a number of years gives me a *feeling* that there are potential reusable components - or more likely - pluggable web services - that use AI and can be re-used in your application.

I want to get a list of these. Imagine a simple one - take a paragraph of text (say a blog post) and reccommend tags. This could be a library component as part of an application or a web service.

Anyone have pointers?

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