Friday, June 27, 2008

10 startups to watch

I read the list over at Technology Review and here's my take:
Nice idea - great idea in fact. Got an account but the software isn't available outside the US and Canada, but the number is (i would have thought it would have been the reverse!). As I am hopless at numbers and baring in mind when you are ON the mobile phone it's impossible to look up someone's number (you tried it?) - i am going to wait until i can use the software.

I tried their Outlook add-in, but it never seemed to do anything. Needs work.
I just keep wandering why it took so long for Comvu to really push their offering.
Another good idea which could be a platform for hyperlocal citizens jourlalism anywhere. Probably needs branded a bit but should be interesting to follow.

Anything that helps me remember stuff is good - i like the idea but the interface was a little confusing and when i dialled the number it asked for for a pin- i gave it my mobile and added something but it then said "thanks for the comment for our support team". The UI was also a little confusing but will improve.

Tells you who is influential in the world. No idea how good it is. No signup i could see or way of registering interest which was slighlty ironic given its remit.

I love anything semantic (but i bet it becomes the most overused word after Web 2.0 soon!). Advertising sure needs to get smarter and take in context. I'm not an advertiser so not sure how useful it is, but their list of publications looks a good read!

Could be huge.

Now this is interesting. It's not a million miles from something i am looking at just now (maybe a few thousand tho') and managed API's are important for enterprises. I'll be keeping my eye on these guys. Very interesting to see how mashups take a step inside the firewall!!

Great list. The other companies looked great too, but these are the ones that i could play around with and are closer to what i do.

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