Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thoughts on Using Netflix’s New API

OK - I have read through Using Netflix’s New API: A step-by-step guide by Joseph Smarr and tried out a few of the things mentioned.

My only irritation in the excellent efforts Netflix have done are around the anomalies you can see in the API workflow.

i'm sure they have some good reasons for diverting from the "standard" process and perhaps some view to these may be useful.

In addition it may suggest some extension points are needed that could be added to oAuth so that rather than hacking these things we could simply add some optional extensions (which are generic such as "dynamic parameter" rather than "userid") and can be plugged into any oAuth library.

The fact this can even be done is excellent but in using it it would be nice to just have a graphical pipeline for every site that shows where they may have used some of the optional filters during the oAuth process.

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