Sunday, December 7, 2008

Xtranormal - create your own 3D animation

Keeping the kids amuzed on a Sunday morning can be somewhat slow, but when @joecar mentioned Xtranormal to us this morning we tried it out... and how addictive it has become. To me, sure - but my 5 yr old loves it.

So we created a story (i helped him out but all the ideas, script, names and so on were his and you can perhaps guess someof his influences!).

Here is it below - you can also see it here and in youtube . I suggest you try it out - some things still to be worked on, but in general very, very well done.

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Hugues said...

Hi Steven, I am working at Xtranormal. Thanks for the good review. We are working on other projects using the Text-to-animation platform. Keep visiting us. Remember: if you can type, you can make movies!