Saturday, January 3, 2009

In the zone

Every New Year we promise to change something about ourselves. Well, this year i'm THINKING of trying something new (for me). Starting Monday 5th Jan, I am going to change timezone.... well, for an experimental period anyway! I was inspired to try this by reading this article by @4entrepreneur ... and the fact that it's harder to work at home during the day when my daughter is around (not yet at nursery).

What does that mean? Well, for 2 weeks (gotta trial this and start somewhere!) i am going to work to PST time. So that means i will be working through the night, at the same time as most of the tech activity on Twitter. It also means i can see whether coding in the evenings really is more beneficial. I used to write all my code books into the early hours but when i had the kids things reversed and i starting getting up very early.

I will blog and tweet as i go.

But i need to get a few typical daily timetables from tech folk working in PST (when do you rise, work, go to sleep and so on?). If anyone can comment, email or DM on twitter it would be much appreciated!! I could easily subtract 8 from my normal day, but want something real.

Anyone NOT in PST already work to that timezone, perhaps out of necessity via remote working?

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