Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Glasgow 2020 - the dreaming city

I have seen this gradually take form since the event last year. Intend to read it through the week. Oh, it's free!

This book maps out the story of our cities - the places they are now and the places they will become. It is told through the experience of one city - Glasgow.

The Dreaming City contains the journey of an experiment in opening up a city's future. The experience of Glasgow 2020 - and a programme of events which reached out accross the city and its citizens - shows that people have the capacity and imagination to make their own futures.The project used stories and storytelling to provoke thinking about the future across the whole city.

This book contains a selection of some of these stories, as well as examples of other materials. It offers a different perspective to the world of 'the official future' and breaks new ground in how we think about the future of cities.

Get it!

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