Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jason Calacanis Twitter Request - translation

I read this twitter :

"JasonCalacanis: i'm on the backcover of La Vanduardia in Spain today I hear... wish someone would translate this for me! http://tinyurl.com/ytsbg7"

I'm always looking to improve my Spanish, so with help from my wife (she is Chilean), we have this....


Today We Read and Write More than ever

I am 36 years old- its a relief to be able to stop being a child prodigy(cause he’s
an adult). I was born in Brooklyn, I have done films with Paul Auster. I was
married in July : now we are making babies. My policy is to be useful. My religion:
anyone can do what they want to do without making anyone angry. The Internet
has now made us read and write more than ever.
My father and I were waiters. I learned to ask and listen to people and to know
what they wanted and how to get it to them.

- Good Schooling
My father was a great waiter: everyone adored him, because he knew everyone
and he introduced everyone. After I became a computer technologist but I still
kept asking everyone what they wanted.

- How
I would go through offices with dirty hands with ink toner and i realized that in the
computer world there was no real communication and that is how i founded the
Silicon Alley reporter.

- The reporter from the Silicon Alley
It was a joke about the Silicon Valley in California trying to be converted into a
New York alley. In reality is was a bunch of various files, but full of juicy
information. We were in the movement of spontaneous and fresh "zines" (less
formal magazines) as opposed to the formal magazines.

- And you earned money with that?
We gained almost $12 million per year and i have hired 74 journalists.

- And you've bought yourself a Porsche?
I bought a motorbike: much more comfortable and fun to move around in
Manhattan. I have become very famous because everyone wants to be in the
Internet boom.

- Has The New York put you in the clouds...
The connector is the nickname because of my ability to connect people and from
my experience Malcolm Gladwell has theorized about connectors - people who
enjoy putting people in contact.

- Why do you like to present?
It is instinctive. People want to know people they are interested in and i am
interested in everyone and i have another secret...

I never think about how people may get along - that's their problem - i'll just
introduce them.

- And that's everything?
I never ask for favours so that is why everyone likes me. In New York none is
happy with what they have and when they get something they are already thinking
of something else.

-How stressful!!
It's amazing. I love the energy flowing through the city. Don't ever bet against
ambitious people!

- Why not?
You will lose. When the Internet came out the NYT pronounced that it would not
have any publicity; and then the bet that no one would use their bank cards on the
web. Ha!

- The truth is that the web did have problems
Don't tell me. NASDAQ went down and i had to fire 62 employees who had
believed in me as an Internet guru.

- Is that not part of being an entrepreneur?
When i was telling my guys about the firing, some of them would cry and some of
them would insult me and the smarter ones had already smelled it and had other
jobs lined up; and the good ones felt bad for my fall and they still collaborate with

- How did you survive
I transformed the Silicon Alley into the Venture Reporter. I would announce the
startups and would give access to our database at $1000 per query. We had 6000
clients a year and in the end i sold it to Dow Jones.

- And then you created your own blog?
I made spelling mistakes and i don't know how to write, but i am a reporter. A
couple of my old reporters opened their blogs and started earning money with
their publicity.

- Would anyone get publicity from a blog?
Let me first explain a blog.

- You are a reporter alright!
It is a type of personal diary that you have on the web and however wants to read
it can read it and participate in it.

- And you bet on the idea?
I smelled the boom! Before the only way to respond to a newspaper was to write
a letter but in New York only groups of interest and some [obsessive’s] would write
letters and the editors would only select a few.

- Some of them are still interesting.
Blogs allow people all over the world to respond with contradictory information to
the official views. Dan Rather the great presenter lost his job when they put false
information about how Bush avoided doing military service.

- I remember: that was very humiliating for him.
A blogger explained that that false report could only be done with a word
processor and when Bush did his military service, that processors did not exist.

- Any more detail?
A secret of a good blog is to be authentic and not give just on opinion. You have to
be a reported and speak with many other fountains of information and those
involved in the situation and if you can, also, include pictures and illustrate your

- And you can live from that?
Yes, you can do it very well, because the blogger give you the possibility of
speaking directly to the consumer and listening to critiques, suggestions and idea.
Good journalism is always going to sell - be in on the web or on paper.

- And is that what you used to do being a waiter?
Exactly! Ask the people what they want and give it to them - that's how i created a
weblog. It seems easy but there are a lot of reporters who only aspire to put their
opinions without researching information and telling the audience anything new,
and there are people who hate the opinion of their readers. After betting on
journalists on the web, i sold weblog to AOL for $25 million.

- Bingo
Yes, it's not that big a deal!! That's very little in the US. I wanted to buy a house in
LA but with that i felt very poor. Just as well i don't really care about money.

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