Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Microsoft Tags, QR Codes and OpenID

I have used Barcodes and QR Codes in the past on some projects and played around a bit. Well, this morning i saw Microsoft released "Microsoft Tags" as a beta at CES 2009.

Clearly from my own selfish perspective, what i'd like to see if OpenID (disclaimer, i run http://OpenID.ORG) go OPEN in the real world. So, at a conference you could put a QR Code or Microsoft tag on your badge, t-shirt, hat or what ever. Maybe on the back of a card, on your company documentation, promotional material and so on.

If your OpenID is encoded in there then people could save you as a contact direct from your t-shirt :)

Thoughts? Other ideas?

Here is my OpenID (http://weblivz.openid.org) as a Microsoft tag (which would be printed out of course):

... and here is my OpenID as a QR Code :

Update : Sure enough, i installed the Tag reader on my PDA and simply pointed the phone at the image and it took me to my OpenID page in the web browser. Very nice!

They say more formats may be supported in the future - hope they add QR Codes to that list!

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Digital Biographer said...

Interesting to see what Microsoft is up to with this - every time a code is scanned with the software, it pings MS servers, so you, as the code creator, can track scan activity.

I created self-adhesive stickers (printed by Moo.com) with my URL in April last year to give out at The Next Web Conference, and also created a couple of t-shirts with the QR code on them, and got a lot of buzz asa result.

Robert Scoble even wore one of the T-shirts for his keynote - with my URL being the result if you scanned him. [ See http://scanscanscan.com for photo and free QR scanning software. ]

The issue with the MS tags are that they are colour, so more expensive to reproduce, and phones using them need to be live online to scan. The issue of letting MS know what you are scanning is likely also to cause privacy concerns. :-(