Monday, March 5, 2007

Barcodes, Bluetooth and Windows Mobile

As part of some work i am doing with a company here in Glasgow i've managed to get my teeth into barcodes, bluetooth and window mobile.

Last week i wrote a app that can take in some data, generate an associated barcode, can be printed out and then scanned in by a barcode reader. The reader uses bluetooth to send data to my Windows Mobile app, which catches the barcode, looks up the data on a web site and stores some pda generated data with it.

It was mainly a week of making sure all the tricky stuff works and now that it has, we need to pull it all together to demonstarte the application to the sponsor who has buy-in from a number of large retail businesses here in the UK. Very cool stuff!

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Swampthing said...

It kind of reminds me of a mobile platform named Qode by Neomedia Technologies.

Click the 1D,2D, QR, Datamatrix, logo, keyword, slogan, RFID, trademark, billboard, etc., to go direct to content.

Kind of like a mobile Google.

The internet of things is coming.

Who will grab on?