Monday, March 5, 2007

RFID and Wifi

Today should be interesting - i will have a few hours to research RFID and see how it may or may not be using in the barcode application i am working on. I had suggested it a week or so ago (i wasn't involved in the original discussions) - it seems that programmable RFID tags with an identifier would be less likely to get damaged than simple barcodes. You also don't need to worry so much about having to GO to the exact location of the tag and scan it as you do with a barcode.

The advantage of the barcode solution i have created is of course that you can just print it anywhere, whereas RFID chips will need some programmable device to set the information you want to store. However, it would be a useful option over having to manually scan the barcode which is more susceptible to being eroded the more it is used.

We will want people to actually be within a giving radius of the RFID chip so i wonder whether this can be set (e.g. only transmit a maximum of 2 metres).

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