Monday, March 5, 2007

Wifi Ad Hoc

I've been writing a simple app to talk between my laptop and pda using Wifi Ad Hoc mode - it's still a way to go for software developers i'd say. It's actually fairly simple to get data back and forth - the difficulty is in initializing the connections. Manually it is easy (for those in the know), but users will want it automated. I'm going to have a look at the PNRP offerings and see if that can solve the discovery issues i am having.

Still it's very cool when you get these things talking - i just hope things get easier. It's fine when you don't cradble the pda and have just one connection, but mix connections and things go gradually from bad to worse. I have the Wifi tab just disappearing from my PDA and only a hard boot could get it back. Virtual Wifi from MS research is cool though. The problem is i am really dealing with the here and now so i need to figure the best way to do this now - i get the feeling it will have to appeal to tecchies as Wifi adhoc doesn't seem user friendly quite yet.

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