Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Embed Seesmic in your blogs and so on

So you use Seesmic and want to have the latest version of your videos, or other videos in your blog without having to copy, paste and edit each time. You can do it now.

There are some options. Whether you show the video preview or a text link is based on the querystring parameter "f" which takes the value "vid" or "txt".

So, say i want to just show a text list of the latest (20 by default) videos - i put this in my html page:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://livz.org/seesmic?f=txt"></script>
Bon! But my dear Steven, i want to show only the last 5 posts - can you do THAT? Well, yes we can... as follows using the "c" querystring value:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://livz.org/seesmic?f=txt&c=5"></script>Sacré bleu i hear you say. But you want more... you want to display only YOUR latest posts. So for myself who goes under the name "@weblivz" i would show the latest 5 posts as follows:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://livz.org/seesmic?f=txt&u=@weblivz&c=5"></script>Ah, but video. Seesmic is about video, can i show my latest video?? Of Course - just change the "f" parameter to "vid" rather than "txt":

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://livz.org/seesmic?f=vid&u=@weblivz&c=1"></script>
Of course you can point at ANY username you wish by changing the "u" parameter. Additionally if you do NOT use the "u" parameter you can use the "t" parameter and add any text you wish to be matched as so:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://livz.org/seesmic?f=vid&t=berners&c=1"></script>
Mon Deu! Can it tell me what I should say in my next video to make sure people watch???

Unfortunately I had to pull that feature at the last minute, but as a work around I suggest clicking the "I'm feeling lucky" Google button and just talking about the first page you come to.

You can see all of this in action at http://livz.org. Play away :)

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