Saturday, November 24, 2007

Seesmic Citizens Collective

Thanks to Jeff Pulver and his tweet, I got a Seesmic invite and signed up and sent in my first video - it was all spur of the moment and the two kids were kicking off so it was slightly chaotic (whether it gets less chaotic, only time will tell!).

Anyway, i wanted to simply ask whether there were any other Scottish Seemsic folk and wasn't sure what you call a collection of Seemic folks - i.e. "Are there any other Scottish ..... out there"?

1. Seesmicites - i'm sure i saw one of these in a nature program

2. Seesmatics - sounds like a hoover

3. ?

Any ideas?

I should have posted this as a video but the kids are approaching bedtime and so all hell is breaking loose!

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