Tuesday, November 20, 2007

YouTube for Parents - you have it the wrong way around

Update : Ian Hayward the founder of Glubble corrected me below in that you CAN indeed restrict on a page basis. We both agree the comments (and links with previews) by others can be quite unfortunate. Tricker to deal with outside of YouTube.

I've just spent 15 minutes trying to find a video for my 4 year old son to watch on YouTube. It's not the fist time. Simply put due to some idiotic and outdated rules on the US site which says only kids in the US can see a certain 5 minute cartoon, it leaves him asking why and me hunting for an equivalent on YouTube.

However, I would never let him use that site himself as some of the "cartoons" content and comments aren't stuff i want him to see. So i can't even use software like Glubble as it works on a site by site basis. In any case - this is for YouTube to sort out. Oh, and YouTube is not alone, please read on if you have any mixed content with some intended for kids.

Here is my guide:

1. Everything should be opt out
Yes, if i say i am under X years of age or go into "parent mode" (doesn't exist but should) then plesae make EVERYTHING opt in. That means when *I* hit the site there are NO videos. Well, perhaps you can suggest some that have been vetted. *I* will then decide precisely what my kids can see. PRECISELY. I will choose what comments and what content- and you will like to other stuff i have suggested. So that means NO previews of stuff you THINK may be suitable and no "That was fucking awsome. The older stuff was shit but this is good." comments.

2. Let you and your friends decide which moves you wish to set as opt in
OK, so i am willing to go one further step and I should be able to specify what friends i have who i also trust to recommend kids material (no offence to any friends :)). If i say my sons Grandma can recommend a kids video to him then i expect you to respect that.... but just because i may be friends with "womanizer77" (i made that up completely btw) does NOT mean i trust his movies by proxy for my kids.

3. Don't recommend clips from the Exorcist when showing a Ben 10 clip to a 4 year old
I really don't think much needs said here. It happened.


Andrew said...

You're right, adult content should be opt-in, and the site should assume you're not an adult until you sign up and give your date of birth. Surely this wouldn't be difficult for them to do?

glubble said...


My name is Ian Hayward, I'm the founder of Glubble. It's good to hear from another Dad that knows exactly what he wants for his kids online.

It would be great to hook up and discuss these ideas, we can make Glubble do anything to any website, just as we do on Google.

btw - you can make any link you add "this page only" meaning your child can only view that one page and not the whole site, although I agree in this case the page itself can not be trusted for young children because of the comments etc..