Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chrome Auto-complete Ideas

Whilst some of what i have seen from Chrome is what i would expect of a browser of this generation (much of it is in IE 8 too), there are some things such as the V8 Javascript compiler which looks to be very cool. I am only halfway through the book, but wanted to write a post on auto-complete.

Google say Chrome will mean you don't need to bookmark pages any more and will provide an improved auto-complete. Well, here's my thoughts...

"Auto-complete" should be much more expansive. I rarely remembers URL's and even things i have found and bookmarked can be a pain to find again. In fact i tend to bookmark things and never look at them again. So i may be searching for something i have already found. Auto-complete needs to add techniques to discover information you want to keep track of. Tags in a delicious style are an obvious way. Add to that some kind of personal strength and it may be very useful. So i type in "Javascript Cross Domain problem" and get a view of a set of links i previously found useful - coz let's face it, you'll end up going to google, and in the process of a single search modify the query, view certain pages, like some discard others and repeat. In that *session* I should be able to get back to all the pages i found useful. I don't mean caching the pages, i mean the semantic link to those pages.

Can you imaging a little package of links you found useful related to a search concept that you can reuse in the future. I would LOVE this. So where Chrome shows a new tab with the top links it it, the auto-complete concept would extend to the search package i discussed above.

ps. stuff such as gears, prototype and so on should be part of the environment itself... maybe that is later in the comic :)

pps. Is it true that the Joker appears in chapter 5??

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Marcos Di Paolo said...

Well, actually for me the auto-complete thing is not only auto completing the web-address while filing it but also for ex. log-in information, I never had to write my email address filling a form with Firefox, and Chrome is giving me a headache, perhaps I'm doing something wrong?