Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gazopa - it's fun too

While Gazopa looked useful and i tried a few searches which i had mixed results with, what REALLY caught my imagination was its ability to allow YOU to draw and look for similar results.

Now, you need to remember I have the artistic ability of a drunk one handed (pawd?) fox wearing a blindfold so it really was a challenge.

Well what do you know, it actually brough something back for my, erm "spider" - and it wasn't too bad - mainly coz it DID actually show a spider (yes, i was as shocked as you are reading).

Look at that last result in the right - a frickin spider. And the others were not too bad - but a 20 points for anyone who can tell me why a LAMP is in there?!

So, being excited i decided to try searching for a more creative drawing. I thought, who will i search for that might come back in their database? Well, @scobleizer came to mind and i've watched enough of his videos to think i could have a good attempt at portrait. As my guide i used a fairly unusual picture of him (at least i'd imagine it's unusual)...

So below you can see my, erm, portrait (1000 apologies) and the results (using a facial search coz the results without it were just ridiculous).

It's perhaps fair to say there is still some work when it gets a little more advanced - but that's ok, coz it was the first thing ever to recognize something i drew!

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