Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Belated Anniversary Google

I kinda wish i had spent more time on this the other day but i was busy doing other stuff. Thanks to a link from DeWitt Clinton (who now works at Google) on Google jobs back in 1999, i played around with for the first time in ages.

People may already have found this, but i had to blog anyway about some gems i found that blew me away.

1. The Google Beta Search Engine in 1998 - link

2. The "Google Friends" mailing list which i suspect was the first public message about Google. It was written by Larry Page himself on 28 April 1998 at 10.28 PM (so must have been a late one!). I love message 5 "Google gets funding" !!

The "Group Info" suggests 1 post a month. I like that either Larry or Sergey categorized the group as "Culture & Lifestyle : Gender : Women, Girls, Mothers, Daughters".

I did actually send a "Happy Birthday" message to "" - it's nice to be nice. We made a big deal of my son's 5th birthday and i reckon i see Google as much as him these days! It hasn't bounced so maybe i'll get a reply ;)

3. This is the first public email (mentioned above) i am aware of by Larry Page himself about Google.

4. There is also the first email from Larry Page and another in July 1998 where he talks about the new features. For anyone stressing out over their servers, here is surely one of the historic paragraphs of the Internet:

Combined "our server" (some suggest there is now > 64,000 servers) and "try back in a minute or two". Come on guys - how did you get funding with that line ;) If this kind of thing doesn't inspire you as an entrepreneur you're maybe in the wrong job!

Look around and let me know if you find other similar gems.

This reminds us these were two guys who were like every other entrepreneur at the start - they had no idea where they would be in 10 years.

Hey, they'll likely never ready this, but Well Done - i consider myself inspired !!

Think i'm starting to really think about writing a book on this kind of thing. Amazing!

PS. I forgot to mention the Google Stickers... check this.

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