Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Amazon Web Services Talk

Jeff's talk here in Glasgow went very well last night. Over 75 people turned up and it was a good size crowd as it was interactive - both through questions as well as Jeff demonstrating some technologies live through the University Wifi connection.

I'd like to thank Jeff for giving the talk and Duncan for organizing the room.

I hope we can have more of these in the future - it was great to here about some of the most important technologies coming out of out one the big companies of the web.

I also had an enjoyable day talking with Jeff, but due to a busy schedule i never got much time to ask him about some of my own stuff - hopefully i'll catch up with him offline!
Oh, i recoded the talk, but right now i captured the audio and i'm trying to get this uploaded as an MP3 - perhaps on GigaVox... doing that just now ....

If you know of other who may be interested in giving talks, let me know and we'll try and get something arranged! Mail to weblivz AT hotmail DOT com

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