Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Partnering on Vidyo

One of the tricky parts of Vidyo, like most sites, is up to date content. In order to produce a live up to date site it needs up to date content.

Now either people do this or it is done programatically. The latter could be done by assigning everyone and OpenID and parsing the RSS feeds from the various media broadcasting sites and updating the site. I may do that.

The other option, is to get the various sites to "ping" the site with updates. I am trying to speak to some of the video broadcasters to see whether this is possible via the new API. This would be neat as i could get instantaneous updates of broadcasts. After all, the idea is about immediately upcoming broadcasts rather than scheduled broadcasts, so the RSS option doesn't work so well (they'd quickly get pissed if i kept hitting their sites!!).

So, an email has been sent to some of the big players in the hope some, or all get back to me. Of course they may say why on earth would we want to mix syndication with our competitors, but that - for me - would sure be nicer than the equivalent 800 social network feeds that i get today. It would also be a nicer user experience for broadcasters (one place to update and share) and consumers (one place to subscribe).

We'll see how things go ......

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