Sunday, July 8, 2007

A look at the past

Being a Sunday morning, and having been at the oldest house in Glasgow yesterday, i decided to take a nostalgic look at some of the sites i use today - see what they used to be like. Here are some of what i looked at. The entry page was nice - just two lines of text poining to the alpha site below. Worth checking out - i just wish they had been around since 1993 and i could have seen back to when i started with all this ....
October 20, 1996

November 11, 1998

December 21, 1996

December 23, 1996

May 20, 2002

October 20, 1996

June 14, 1997

October 17, 1996

December 27, 1996

mentioned as i get a mention on the front page.
What the heck was SOAP anyway!?
Feb 29, 2000

Unfortunately i can't find out much about "Soliton Computing" - a company i started with a then friend back in 1992/1993 (doesn't seem to be indexed anywhere anymore :( ). We were running our business off the Univesity computers and they we're best pleased when they found out. In all honesty we were just creating web sites for aroudn 50 small businesses in Glasgow - the whole business part of it wasn't something we thought about. Shame. We just enjoyed hacking html, Perl and so on.

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