Monday, July 2, 2007

Stone of Destiny filming

The Stone of Destiny is being filmed outside and we went out to see who we could see. To be honest there were loads of people who i suspect i should know, but i'm probably the wrong person as i'd be more likely to know tech entrepreneurs than films stars!

However we did see Robert Carlyle (who bizarrely lives not far from the filming at all, but still got a car...probably not eaten for the day and going somewhere rather than popping home and raiding the fridge :)) and the director Charles Martin Smith. Robert Carlyle is actually one of my favourite actors - mainly for the reason that we i saw the launch of Trainspotting here in Glasgow, he was the only actor who was (for me) better than what i had read in the book. There were loads of others who i'll likely come to recognize, but my son was more interested in the guys carrying the lights! He thought they were the key guys to the whole thing. Fantastic :)

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