Monday, July 9, 2007

FOAF support in OpenID

You know those irritating people who you tell something to and ten minutes later they have a prototype in front on you. Well, i'm afraid i'm one of them.

A short while ago I saw a tweet from blognation about OpenID and FOAF support. I was going to mail and ask how this should work, but decided to go ahead and implement it (sacrificing my lunch I should add).

So, thanks in part to Johnny Cash (playing in background) I now have an implementation that now works with anyone who has an OpenID profile over at

An example is over at for my openid

That makes around 1800 people who can now use FOAF with their OpenID identity. Hopefully some people will play around with it. I'm glad to see this as i'd using FOAF a lot a few years back. I'd REALLY pleased to see these technologies starting to talk to each other - that is the most exciting part of it all.

Now I'm away for some soup as i'm starving!

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