Friday, August 3, 2007

Amazon FPS

Update: Seems you need a U.S credit card to use this.... will this be extended soon, as i don't :)

Amazon's FPS (flexible payment system) was released about 10 minutes ago ... Jeff was waiting for about 2 days to post and eventually he posted and didn't disappoint. When Jeff was in Glasgow I had asked about improvig the way transactions could be done through services. It seems he got back to his team at Amazon and they wrote a 250 page spec for me in a week or so... thanks Jeff ;)

I look forward to reading about this through the day... this is really powerful stuff. I am particularly interested to see if there is anything for Micropayments (i haven't look yet) as i was discussing this at AO yeterday - i see this as crucial for pay as you go services... don't want to use my CC every time.

Lot of reading to do ...

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