Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scoble video as a social conversation

I've read with some interest the many of the posts "dissing" that search post by Robert.

Now, not saying I agree or diagree with some or all of the points he makes, but HOW he makes it is surely an interesting social experiement for us all - well, more specifically how the responses happened is more interesting.

You see, i believe brainstorming with smart minds is one of the most exciting things you can do in my field. But that only works if the bar is level - criticism is fine, but it needs to be something that is on a par with the original work. So a better response to Scobles post would be a set of social video responses - an ascychronous online conversation.

For example, most of the standards bodies and so on are outwith the reach of the majority of us and typically confied to established companies in that field (if fact you often miss the complete conversation as happened to me with Attenion Profiling) - we have a lot to say, but no way to say it (you sometimes get a public forum if you're lucky). However, the idea of being able to just brainstorm and see what people think through video is pretty exciting.

I'd like to see more ideas, whiteboards and rants about topics I am interested in. Wake up in the morning and there are 5 responses to what you said - not just criticisms in blogs that don't accept comments, but real views and opinions in the same manner you started.

So, why not have "comments" on Scobles video post ONLY be videos. That would be very interesting - it's a hard thing to do to just lay it on the line real time. But would be pretty exciting i'd think ....

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