Friday, August 3, 2007

HumanML - would be nice to see it gain popularity

Many years ago i was a little involved but mainly following HumanML (or here)- the Human Markup Language.

At AO yesterday, i got talking with Rex Brooks, who was involved in starting the concept and vice-chaired it at OASIS (he is now co-chair of the Emergency Management Technical Committee)- he told me that due to lack of participation he had to close it down.

I'd like to see this come back. Why? Well, i'd like to be able to index my conversations online, Twitter and more specifically in second life. I'd like to be able to search for people i was happy talking with, or confused, or enlightened. "Find me people (or conversations) who englightened me in search technology". You can imagine this could get a little more complex and very powerful.

Emoticons in IM's, chat etc can easily map to HumanML and this could also be indexed and searched upon. It could also make images more searchable - based on your emotions in the image.

Surely Second Life would want us to be able to do this? Anyone able to ask them? I'd love to see this happen again as it's now the right time. Anyone???

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