Friday, August 3, 2007

Innovation and Technology on Second Life

After some discussion in the Always On chat panel (all brilliantly hosted as far as i'm aware by Evan Donn, aka divergent), I really think Second Life (meetups, conferences etc rather than generally walking around) could be very useful for quite a lot of us.

Update : I created the Eventful group "SecondLifeTech" for second life technology events - the general one had over 5000 random events....

There was a general view that moving what we were doing into a "virtual" environment would be quite a neat thing to do.

So I am going to try and capture (a) active places, groups etc
in Second Life discussing innovation and technology, and (b) related innovation
and technology events. Follow their events listing on SL is too difficult.

So why not use Eventful, with a tag of "secondlife tech" to life tech and innovation events? Please let me know if you know of some. I will be adding the Amazon AWS event and meetup location first. Not sure where I'll list them, but i'd like to get more involved... there are some good people out there and i enjoyed talking with them on AO!! Contact me if you know anything i should at add weblivz AT hotmail DOT com

ps. next year i'd like to see AO open thing up so i can finally have a good reason for my webcam and mic and ask from questions direct to the panel. They answered three this year which was great!

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