Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mobile LiveCasting

I've always been pretty interested in the idea of LiveCasting (if that's a real word) since happening upon Video Blogging some years back. However, i think you need to get over the part where you feel like a self-concious idiot who has to say something interesting all the time to a more blog like approach. Drop in, drop out - if you like it watch it, if not move on. That's pretty much how blogs work.

So, sitting in from of my PC or laptop it can be hard to think of something to say. However, when out and about it's much easier. In fact, when it comes to LiveCasting, it probably works better with stuff that happens fairly spontaneously - rather than a tutorial or chat which can be done at any point (although with http://vidyo.TV , i do believe there is a market for that too!!).

So today i tried livecasting with ComVu over my mobile device (catch - i used activesync, but will be using GPRS in an hour or so as another test). It works really well - the video isn't very interesting (unless you have a keyboard fetish) but the software installed easy, i started the casting easily and went to a web page and hey presto, "mum , i'm on TV!!".

In the coming days and weeks i'm going to play around with this a bit. I'm putting a "live" icon on this page somewhere - this links to archives as well. Very cool :)

You can see my "live" page here and my archive there too. I'll be adding as something interesting appears.

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