Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Attention Crash

Just read Steve Rubel's article The Attention Crash: A new Kind ogf Dot-Com Bust.

I gotta agree. There a LOT of people spending HUGE amounts of time basically filtering the web. Filtering it in terms of content as well as how to discover and find content.

This generation - which i include myself in - try to stay as far up with the technology as is feasible, but the problem is that some of it is moving so fast and so dramatically that it's starting to effect the general Internet population.

Most are just getting used to some of the benefits of networks such as Linked-In never mind the idea of an facebook mashups and always connected devices! Yes, mashups done correctly can make the integration of services seamless, but most times it's something else to learn. More reading, more time.

There will always be those at the leading edge and there will always be those who are connected (almost) all the time but there are also a huge number who will stand by and cream the best that comes out.... probably using techniques learned from those who never quite got it right in this generation.

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