Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Second Life

Like most of you I usually have a millions things to do, so although i like trying out new ideas, unless they are actually useful to me i will often register and come back every so often but not much more.

This has been the case with Second Life. I get the whole idea, but i wasn't entirely sure how useful it was to me. However, after really playing around with it for a while this morning i has got me hooked (other than the shady snake sounds in the background!). I'm not entirely sure where it will take me, but i joined based on a post over at the AWS blog.

Unfortunately i think i missed the event (still figuring out how my timezone maps!), but i did manage to pretend it was me giving the talk - or rather my alter ego Llavi Saenz!

Now, i'm not sure whether i picture myself hanging out in SL (buying, selling etc) but i'll never say never yet. But i DO find the conference stuff very exciting! For a number of years now i've mentioned the idea of VideoBlogging real conferences - so we can at least get amatuer coverage of the many events round the world i wish i was at. But with SecondLife you can get a real experience. I'd love to see a few real talks and such on it - it's way cooler than just listening to a video or watching on youtube. In fact, on a mobile device, this may well be a killer application. I can't (yet) imagine watching a film on my iPod, but i can imagine participating in online conferenes, chats etc when on the move (e.g. when travelling or out of the office and such).

It had occurred to me that i'd like to be able to write my blog in SL. Somewhere where i could sit with fellow bloggers (some context around that would be very neat so i could see who else is blogging stuff i may be interested in).

I also thought that with an SL OpenID it would be easy to link my real world with my SL world (maybe this isn't the point, but for many of the stuff i'd like to to it would be neat). So now i'm thinking of a million things that SL could be used for.

I'm probably pretty late to the game with this stuff (i did used VRML back in the early 90's - Cosmos etc - but was too early for it then really). I'm not really a game player type, but i can actually see why something like SL is more than that. It's a little tricky to understand at first, but so are most things.

Anyway, back to the real world - i got a load to do!

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