Monday, June 11, 2007

Google removes my index. Where is the problem?

Update: It seems enough of you have emailed me privately to suggest the index perhaps does this every so often. So maybe that's what it is doing. I wouldn't have expected to disappear, but perhaps that's just what happens. We'll see how it goes.

OK, so now Google have removed from their index. I'm trying to contact them to ask why. It's like "The Net" where whatsherface gets all her details removed from all the computers in the world. It's opening my eyes a little to be honest to how scary it is when someone can make a judgement without speaking to you.

There are so many OpenID.XYZ sites around the world all doing their own thing, so why is there such a big problem with mine? So i got the .org domain name. What about the .com. What about the other variations? It seems my mistake is that i am doing something with it.

I am doing something useful with the site. I am encouraging people to use OpenID - i have been contacted by people who hadn't heard of it, but are now interested in putting it in their products.

Is this not a good thing? It is an open system - i'm hoping i'm doing something to encourage people to use it. Just as well I have a 6 month old and a 4 year old or this would cause me stress!


Ulco said...

It's probably just because it's all new. Usually a page gets spidered and indexed first to then disappear again for a day (or two). Just relax and wait a couple of days and I am sure it'll be back to normal

weblivz said...

Well, i'll publish an apology on here is that turns out to be the case. But it yesterday it was number 8 on the list. And today it's nowhere to be found.

I hope i am wrong. and the indexing is just adjusting itself!