Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Help - we're lost! Technology is useful.

Technology is useful. I can prove it.

Was walking down the street today when a car pulled up and an older lady and an even older lady - her mother i guessed (hope she doesn't read this blog) - asked me for directions. "Sorry" i said. Never heard of the place.

Then it occurred to me, i had the power in my pocket. In my PocketPC to be exact.

So i said hang on and whipped out my mobile (which would have got me a slap in the face and a criminal record here in Glasgow). They thought i was mad, but with the flick of Windows Live Search for Mobile and typing in the location, i had the directions and even a map.

They looked a little amazed as i gave them directions to where they were going. Maybe they were wondering if i was going to beam up and go back into my tardis.

Helping that old lady cross the road is never going to be the same now.

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