Thursday, June 21, 2007

First SL Event

Just out of my first Second Life event - Jeff Barr from AWS doing a chat.

It was actually very, very cool. It has its rough edges but it was something i'm really glad it tried now and was also infromative. I even picked up something that was very worthwhile indeed around AWS.

We need some audio and even video in there, but that will all come. It is also quite hard to navigate TO the event and when you are at it. I think the surl will make it easier to find places (although the search can be tricky to use), but the camera etc is just practice. I'd also like to see it be more real world like... some things to discuss beforehand, a chat/presentation and something informal at the end - again that will come with time.

I wonder whether we can create a mini-conference in there soon. Say 3-5 top speakers, some schedule and so on, audio/video and a warmup/warmdown "party". Anyone up for it?

I feel addicted already.


Sharkwald said...

You *are* addicted :P.

Sharkwald said...

You *are* addicted :P.

Jeff Barr said...

Thanks for coming. These events are a lot of fun for me. I hope that they are both enjoyable and informative.

labsji said...

Hi Steven,
I participated in the event as Labsji Link. It is cool and useful.
Mini conferences you mention are one very significant uses of SL

-Balaji S.