Friday, June 22, 2007

Pulling my wires out

Yep. That should be entitled "Pulling my hair out", but tonight i decided to get rid of the wires in the new house and set up a new DLink wireless router/modem. A quick installation and a short click to pop up the wizard later and hey presto, i am wireless. Well, that was 5 hours ago.

Seriously, i wonder whether the people at Apple aren't actually visionaries at all. They were all brought up as hardware and software testers. They banged their head so much trying to get stuff that should work for laymen never mind experienced pro's that they just learned that the user experience is key.

It's entirely fictional, but as i see it, as the hand of Jonathan Ive started falling off after clicking down 8 zillion songs, he never thought "hell, they want the song, they'll happily spend the best part of a Friday night clicking through each song". No, he just made something that made doing that easy. Don't write solutions around things that are inherently tricky - just change the rules ( i'm off to get my bandana, shades and tie-die shirt).

Would it BE so hard for the modem or rounter manufactures to AGREE with ISP's etc on some format for this stuff (Xml is good for me). You get an ISP specific URL and a secret password and you point your router at that and it configures itself. I mean that saves the majority of home users and would take all of 60 seconds. It's controlled by the ISP so the data is right, but it's integrated to all modems.

It matters not a jot how cool your technology is if no-one can use it. If it took me this long then how do other non-IT people do it? Well, they pay for someone i suppose - or put it in the cupboard. Or, in my family, call me. In your family, probably call you. Coz anything even indirectly related to computers (soon to extend to smart fridges, microwaves and intelligent hair curling tongs) must be something you know about heh!?

It's almost 2AM and i have wireless broadband. Now i'm too darn tired to use it.

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