Friday, June 15, 2007

A business idea

Want to make some cash? Do this....

When you rent a flat or buy a house, you use an agent (well serveral of them in the latter case). They do quite close to nothing for you - i now have this from personal experience and friends experience in selling.

Furthermore, one you have settled in it takes you 2 weeks to get a phone, another 2 to get broadband, you need utilities transferred, TV license transferred and so on and so on. Not to mention it can cost you up to £200 plus all the other contracts you are breaking when you move inside the contract (transferring is MUCH cheaper).

Now, there is a market in there for an agent that does it end to end. I know, because myself and my friend thought so independently and chanced upon the discussion, only to add that everyone else we had talked to thought it would be useful.

A kind of property "super broker", an agent of the new millenium, agento fantastico. And, is available!

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