Friday, June 22, 2007

Mobile Maps API

Update: Well I can get the mapping part working great now. Unfortunately you seem to have to handle the device part by yourself. Would be nice not to have to do this and have the service work out an optimimal map size based on the device, but i'm happy for now.

Search has a long way to go if the last hour is anything to go by. It's more frustrating when you know exactly what you want, but you still can't find it.

In my case i want a an API to get maps that can be overlayed and are optimized for mobile devices. So i don't want AJAX or a 800 x 600 PNG map. I want a basic small jpg that does the work of making sure it will fit my device (sure i may have to pass it some contextual info about the device, but that's cool).

Now i'm wondering whether i need to access the call the Web Service API's in the normal way and just hack the image to work for my mobile phone, but then i need to know what to do for different models and so on.

I can see an example of exactly what i want, but can i find a sample? Nope. It's a Friday so maybe I'm just getting tired. Anyone have a pointer?

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Ben said...

Any luck finding this? I'm looking for something similar. Thanks!