Saturday, June 9, 2007

SpringWatch and Hunterian Museum

Today was a family day. First was out early to the BBC Springwatch festival which is trying to "Do one thing" for wildlife in Glasgow. Basically teaching people how they can help improve the environment - and that can only be a good thing.

Xavier saw Nina and the Neurons on stage which lefyt him wandering where the Neurons where... he also did beach cleaning, played some music and generally looked around.

We then went to the Glasgow University Science Festival which was much cooler (based on the intended age which i thought was higher) than i expected. Xavier spent a good couple of hours playing with various puzzles, creating silly putty and so on. Even Francisca played some musical instruments - well, i helped out a bit there :)

Finally, we moved next door to the Hunterian Museum which has also just re-opened.

That was cool as well, although by that time it was a long day, so looking at things was getting testing for the kids. We then hung around in the University gardens whilst Loreto fed Francisca and now kids are sleeping and i have a Tiger beer. What a day!

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