Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mobile app to go...

Finally, at around 11pm last night i got a full end to end demo of the Windows Mobile application I'm developing for Conscia. It's very cool and i'm please I put effort into the framework rather than following the standard practice of creating it once the app is half complete and then dumping the whole application. Using Windows Media 6.0, Web Services and C# 2.0 along with a number of design patterns and some idea of my own (dynamic modules) we have a very flexible product.

I'm now down to 2 days a week at Conscia so i can actually get some of MY concepts going. They've all been going ahead (i have a planned chat with the Mobile Lab at Glasgow Calidonian University on my openid stuff), but now i can put even more time into them. The cash will as always run out pretty quickly, but this time there are some ideas that can really fly. So hopefully, my kids eating beans and toast isn't something i need to worry about quite yet :)

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