Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blogs as simple as ABC

I have redone my bloglines categorization about 300 times this year - or it feels like it. I cam to realize how i read them isn't actually based directly on content as half the time it's abstract thoughts. So grouping them by a category is pointless.

So i had moved them into categories 1,2,3,4,5 - but i find i read 1 and sometimes 2, but rarely 3,4,5 - even thought sometimes there is stuff in there i want to read.

Now i have moved to A, B, C.

A - i ALWAYS want to read this, i will check each blog. If you're here, Hollywood will come calling.

B - i will closely scan through this - most will be relevant, but i will only have time to read a few.

C - fast scan. I don't dislike you if you are here but your content may only be relatively useful for my timescale. If there is time i will fly through this to get what i want to read.

So, ABC - hopefully it will be that simple as so many of you folks have some amazing content (but too many friends who also have blogs!!!!!!!!)

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