Sunday, April 15, 2007

Starting a startup

Today has been about writing a powerpoint presentation for a mobile startup idea we have.

I've went well over the standard 10 slides, but it's just for our team of four and it's really to get some of my brainstorming across to them to get some feedback and see whether they have the same vision as me.

It's fair to say we have a grand vision. We have Apple and Google in our sights which admittedly isn't the easiest starting point. But then Google once had to contend with AltaVista and did okay there.

Our clear advantage is that we have nothing to lose (well, not strictly true, but if it goes wrong i will have lost a few bucks) - I will be better informed in some of the bleeding edge technologies of the day.

We're all pretty smart guys but i know that is fairly unimportant in when it comes down to the execution of the idea. In fact ideas like Twitter are so simple, but executed brilliantly. This is our model. We hope to be in alpha in 1 month (oh, does this mean i have to tell them that at the meeting tomorrow evening??)

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