Saturday, April 14, 2007

A thought on Google and DoubleClick

Is it possible that the reason that Google paid way over the odds for double click is down to the fact their Ad Words may be losing traction?

I have said for a while that advertisers are going to see that noone clicks on them - i clicked on one once to see what would happen. Funnily enough, in a discussion in a bar last week almost everyone i was with had done the same.

DoubeClick offer a far more invasive advertising process (check your cookies) and maybe this is what Google sees as the next requirement for the next step in their advertising campaign.

In other words, I think the purchase was a logical one for Google, but whether a re-evaluation of how advertising itself is done on the web would have been a better move is something i would question. And Google would have been a company that could have done that!

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