Monday, April 30, 2007

Family and Geni

Well, over the weekend Francisca started eating "solids" for the first time. Yep, Steak and Chips with a side order of Garlic bread. Well, actually baby rice, but much the same. She really enjoyed it, unlike Xavier who i remember spitting it out when he first tried it.

Today was cool as we managed to get in touch with our cousins in Ireland to help build our family tree. I have only been to Cork once - where my Grandad is from - but loved it. I wish I could have kept more in touch with family over there, but i'm hoping through Geni we can make an effort at doing it. Ireland is pretty much my 2nd home but i've seen so little of it. I really want to return to Cork soon with my wife and kids (we were in Dublin last year, but i want to see Cork again) and hope i can meet some relatives through it.

Geni is quickly becomming my favourite site.

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