Monday, April 9, 2007

Why Twitter is cool

Before i used Twitter, i had heard of it - but i figured i've got so many other things pinging me through the day that the thought of one giving me updates of people would just be a bit of a stack overflow. It was so simple so what more would it really add.

What's weird is that it's probably the most effective tool i have write now. I follow most of my blog and IM contacts through it - despite me always having them within a click or two. In fact with some of my personal IM contacts this is the main way we communicate. It's simple and passive - it's the kind of thing you always wanted to do with IM but felt a little intrusive doing so. It's kinda like IRC but you don't have to join a specific conversation as such. It's conversation(well, "conversationlets") and then conversations about them - some on topic, some off.

I look forward to seeing where this goes. How have you folks found it? Should i really have sent this through Twitter?!

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