Monday, April 16, 2007

CS 2007

* Update* This is outstanding stuff. Started moving this over already - it's ridiculously configurable! Busy day today tho'.

The folks over at Telligent have just released CS 2007 and what a cracking product it is. In fact, for what they give away free you really have to try it out. I actually think most SME's need this right now - at $300 (or about £200 or less) it's a heck of a lot cheaper than trying to build anything like this yourself and it gives you all the things you need to interact with your customers. Very easy to install as well - i thnk it took me 5 minutes and the wizard did it all for me (without crashing and buring half way through).

I'm still trying to fire out how Twitter fits into it as i've been reading a lot of tweets about it, but can't see anything.

I see Rob Howard is CEO there too - wrote "Site Server 3.0 Personalization and Membership" many moons ago with him (was my first book in fact).

Anyway, see my community server instance running on my personal web site here. Oh, i am using a local sql express database, so connect to "(local)\SQLEXPRESS". Btw - it's cool they have sussed the progress bar technology - they musy patent that algorithm coz it said "under 1 minute" and it was!

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