Thursday, April 12, 2007

Giant Crystal & Giant Google Gaff

This is neat ...

Google, Google, Google - what are you trying to do to me??? Last week i logged using my normal Google account. I was then forced to change my email to - well not so much forced - it DID it automatically and didn't allow me to change it.

So then all my messages from my Google groups that i was getting alerted via my Windows Live IM. So I then went to my "new" google email and set all messages to be forwarded to my hotmail account. So that was last week an i went along posting as normal.

But.... oh the fun continues... this morning i try to post and suddenly i get this:

You do not have permission to post to group dotnetopenid.

You may need to join the group before being allowed to post, or this group may not be open to posting.

Visit to join
or learn more about who is allowed to post to the group. Help on using Google
Groups is also available at:

Huh? Well, I guess it is because i am not sending using my google email account. So then i log in via the browser using my account and sure enough it shows me that my account does have permission - in fact i can even post via the browser (i notice it shows my google email account as the sender now). My hotmail email is listed as a valid address but i just can't send any mail using it now.

Who knows what they will do next. Why bother - it worked really well as it was. I really don't need not want 800 email accounts!

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