Friday, April 6, 2007

Freakonomics and picture

Just finished reading Freakonomics and as always i emailed the authors with some thoughts - hard to do at this time on a Friday when everyone has left for the day! I recommend you read the book - the perfect parenting chapters are good and my son has a challenge on his hands with the name Xavier :) IMHO the gun/swimming pool argument misses the environmental contexts of a gun and a swimming pool, but what do i know!?
A computer scientist dabbling in economics (or whatever the heck i should call it) is like a project manager with Visio. Peligoroso!
Now out to join everyone for a late friday beer at the bunker.

I also meant to post up a latest picture of Xavier and Francisca - we managed to get them to stay still for 100 milliseconds.

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Anonymous said...

Cute picture!