Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A worrying trend in squash

Did i miss the latest Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson movie on Squash? Has Paris Hilton suddently replaced her pet poodle with a squash racket?

There must be some reason for the uptake in squash in the last year. Myself and a friend played once or twice a week and had no problem finding a court, but in the last 3 months we have successfully got a court.... once !! We had paid more in phoning to ASK about courts than the actual court costs...

Anyone else play and notice this bizarre trend? Did i start it? Perhaps the Wisdom of Crowds is coming into play here.

Anyway, this Friday we have a walk up one of the mountains here in Scotland is planned - i hope the weather keeps up. And at least people can't book out the mountain.

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