Monday, April 16, 2007

Improving Web 2.0 Conferences

Here's a suggestion - let the rest of us in on the act! Like no doubt many, i checked the numerous UStream casts in the hope i could catch a bit of the Web 2.0 conference.

Well, i did. Someone congratulating a baby, an empty room, one where he couldn't get past security and another with people's voices. I didn't catch O'Reilly or Bezos. Is there a good reason? (that's a question)

Surely in a time where we talk about services, mashups, openness, open source, collaboration and so on, we can actually let those of us who aren't in the conference in on the act.

I really hope this is just the start of grassroots video blogging on conferences and events. A couple of years back i spoke briefly over email with Howard Rheingold about the idea of individuals covering events. It was maybe too soon.

But now! Now is the time. Maybe we need a site that is dedicated to this - an extension of Dave Winers events markup concept. All i really want is to be able to see this stuff - am i asking too much? (again, a question).

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