Monday, April 2, 2007

Conventional Wisdom

In trying to create a new product a barrier i have often ran into is that of conventional wisdom. People listen to your idea and perhaps don't quite get it - they have questions that they view as a stumbling block.

Sometimes it is that some work is required to get your idea working - other times you want to hide something from them until you are ready to show them.

Your past experience of gut feel should be an indicator of how much to trust your own view that this must be right. If you have a past record of seeing things differently and eventually being right (or close to right) then you have good reason to trust yourself. This is where i am. If however you are typically one of those who is surprised when some unusual approach actually does work, then you probably want to heed the advice of others.

That is not to say person A is right and person B is wrong. However, gut feel has been right for me in the past and i haven't listened as closely to myself as i should have and i have come to regret it. This time i'm on a roll and whether i'm right or wrong, i'm sure enjoying the idea that what i am doing could be a brand new way to search on the web!

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